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Monday, August 1, 2011

Well, It's happened again...

Hey everyone

As far as what happened again, I'm sure you're all guessing. It's fairly simple, actually...our baptisms fell through. It's not something I'm not used to, but it's just a bit disappointing when it happens. But, luckily for us, the family is still really strong, and super ready for baptism.
The family we've been teaching, Lordes, Maria, Julia, and Jesse have all received everything we have to teach, and Maria was the one we were going to have baptized. But, when we went over there on Thursday, after we had finished the teaching, we asked her if she was ready. She said that she would like more time. In my mind, I was going, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT AGAIN?!?!?!?!" I've experienced these sorts of things, and it's painful. But, they're still super ready. But, considering what happened on Saturday, this could either be a baptism pusher or a baptism killer. Their father/Julia's husband, Dionicio, passed away on Saturday morning. When we heard about that, we were super sad. It was really disappointing, especially since he was listening and enjoying the lesson. However, I'm sure he's a lot happier now. He had suffered a stroke recently, and was confined to a wheelchair, and couldn't speak or walk. I'm sure he's a lot happier right now. Plus, I think he'll accept the Gospel in the Spirit world. The next time we visit his family, we'll tell them about the vicarious work we do in the temples, and say how Jesse can go there and have the ordinances performed for his father. I'm sure they'll like that.
As far as other people, we have another investigator who has a baptismal date. Her name is Leonor, and she's super ready. She's been going to church for the last year or so, on and off, and she's super ready. She knows everything, but she's kinda hesitating baptism. She says she doesn't have an answer, and she's just expecting that perfect moment of peace so that she'd know it's true. But, that moment isn't going to come. There's too many stressors in life for it to be perfect. The time is now to work out our salvation. Still, though, she accepted the date to be baptized on the 21st, and we're looking forward to that. She's ready. She just needs to do it.
That's about it as far as other investigators go. Speaking on one, who we've been meeting with for a while. We've been going there every so often, and they are ready. The girlfriend is even reading daily. They just have, as Elder Potter put it, so much freakin' flojera (laziness). It's true, though. If they could come to church one day, they'd be sold. We're still working with them, and we hope that this sunday is the one.
That's about it. Until next week, take care, everyone.

Elder Shepherd

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